NOELLE FLOYD/style: Issue 11

Dear Reader and Rider,

I’m so excited to share with you Issue 11 of NOELLE FLOYD/style. This issue is, in my opinion, our best yet. Be sure to get yours soon!

Have you ever wondered what Kent Farrington is really like? For one of the highest-profile equestrian athletes in the world (and #1 show jumper in the world), he tries to keep a pretty low profile. But in the latest issue of NOELLE FLOYD/style, we’re taking you inside his world – and inside his mind. What makes this mysterious champion tick?

Plus, we take a look at 30 of the biggest headline-makers and game-changers under the age of 30. These promising athletes and influencers will shape equestrian sport in the future, so let’s get to know them. Also, learn about the birth of my blog, who and what shaped me, and what’s next for NOELLE FLOYD/style.

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We go on the grounds with the Compton Cowboys, who use horses to transcend violence on the streets of their city. The uber-cool Linnéa Aarflot tells us her style secrets (hint: charcoal soap is involved), Andrew Nicholson helps us become better in the saddle, and Charlotte Dujardin tells us a few of her favorite things.

All of that and much more, plus countless stunning photographs, lovingly tucked into each page of this issue.

Thanks for reading.


– Noelle Floyd

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