Long List For New York Edition Of The Riders Masters Cup Revealed

Gregory Whathelet & Coree Ph. ©Thomas Reiner

The global rivalry is heating up again as the Chef d’Equipes from Team USA and Team Europe have officially submitted their long lists for the Riders Masters Cup in New York, a head-to-head team competition created by EEM and presented with EEF and with the support of Founding Partner Longines.

Team Europe, triumphant in Paris in December, will look to sweep as Philippe Guerdat, plans to bring over a roster of top talent to defend the title.

Robert Ridland, the American legend whose underdog team nearly shocked the European squad in front of a packed French crowd, is hoping that on home soil, with some line-up changes and strategic learnings, that his roster of stars will reign victorious in the Riders Masters Cup.

And who better to lead Team USA into battle at the Riders Masters Cup in New York than hometown heroes and Olympic gold medalists McLain Ward and Beezie Madden?

With only five spots on each team, which must include one under-25 rider, Ward and Madden could potentially be joined by veteran superstars Laura Kraut and Lauren Hough as they battle for American glory or young guns Kristen Vanderveen, Andrew Ramsay, Jessica Springsteen and Quentin Judge. Local standouts, Adrienne Sternlicht and Lucy Deslauriers are competing for the single under-25 spot on Team USA.

Team USA and Team Europe at the first edition of the Riders Masters Cup in Paris last December Ph. ©Thomas Reiner

European riders logged a thrilling win in the first Riders Masters Cup leg in Paris and in order to defend that title, Guerdat can choose from a squad that includes World No. 2 Harrie Smolders, world No. 4 Kevin Staut and No. 5 Peder Fredricson.

Also on the long list, Patrice Delaveau, who topped the Longines Grand Prix in Hong Kong in February, top Belgian rider Gregory Wathelet (currently ranked #17), Philippe Rozier, and Jérôme Guery. Guerdat will have to choose from those veterans for four of his five team spots. To include one under-25 rider, Guerdat can pick either Edward Levy or Olivier Philippaerts, both impressive winners despite their young age.

The action is sure to keep the crowd keen to see what happens next. Speed is key in both rounds of the Riders Masters Cup, so you won’t want to miss the world’s best going head to head in an exhilarating transatlantic race to glory.

The final teams and the official draw for the order-of-go will be held on Thursday, April 26, 2018, during the press preview on opening day of the Longines Masters of New York!

Source: Longines Masters/EEM 

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