Boots & Blood: Further Horse Welfare Discussions Stirred After Incidents During World Cup Week

Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo riding Admara 2 Ph. ©Thomas Reiner

While rules are in place at all levels of our sport to protect horses’ welfare, major championships are under an even higher amount of scrutiny for potential occurrences of foul-play.

Such was the case when two riders were placed under the microscope during the 2018 Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Final this past weekend in Paris.

Denis Lynch & All Star 5 Ph. ©Thomas Reiner

Ireland’s Denis Lynch was eliminated under the FEI Blood Rule after the show organizers released a statement reading that there was “blood found on the horse’s (All Star 5) flanks in the post competition check. Elimination under article 241.3.3 and article 241.3.31 does not imply that there was any intent to injure the horse, but it is crucial that the rules are enforced in order to ensure that horse welfare is protected.”

Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo of Colombia was placed under investigated after his horse Admara 2 seemed to display an abnormal jumping style or “exaggerated form”, considered to be a reaction to the use of hind boots during Friday’s Jumping Final II.

Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo riding Admara 2 Ph. ©Thomas Reiner

The FEI released a statement saying, “Following the performance of Admara 2 in Friday’s Jumping Final II, the FEI has spoken to the rider. As a result of the horse’s extreme reaction to the hind boots and in the interests of the horse’s welfare, the rider has informed the FEI that the horse will only wear hind boots for protective purposes in Sunday’s class,” the statement reads. “As with all jumping horses competing at FEI events, the horse’s hind boots will be checked prior to the competition.”

“The procedure is in place for the same reason: to provide fair and equal competition to all involved, and act in the best interest of horse welfare.” FEI Judge, Show Manager & Organizer David Distler weighed in on the importance of boot-checks.

No action was taken against Lizarazo and he continued to compete over the course of the weekend, finishing in joint 8th place in Sunday’s Jumping Final III and overall 7th place.

Lizarazo’s round from Friday’s Jumping Final II. Thoughts?

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Ph. ©Thomas Reiner

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