Axel Verlooy: “Belgian Pedigrees Will Keep Defending The Stars And Stripes”

Axel Verlooy & Emerald Ph.©Hippo Foto /Dirk Caremans

Prime Edition: The Horseman Auction team brings you the Best of Belgium in Wellington!

For over a decade, Belgian breds have been performing at the highest level in US showjumping and are playing a leading role in the Nations Cup & grand prixs in Wellington.

Horses like Barron, Bogeno 111, Big Star, Bella Donna, Coral Reef Via Volo, Cortes ‘C’ , Gazelle, Gentley and many others repeatedly made hearts beat faster on American soil, often defending the stars and stripes.

The Belgian Warmblood leads the World Ranking with horses like McLain Ward’s Safari Van’t Merelsnest (Sapphire), Diego Javier Vivero Viteri’s Bijoux,  McKayla Langmeier’s Iliano van D’Abelendreef, Leslie Burr-Howard’s Gentille Van Spieveld, and Kent Farrington’s Gazelle. The World’s No. 1 show jumper Halifax van het Kluizebos is clearly not an exception.

President & owner of Eurohorse, Axel Verlooy, partner of Horseman Auction, recognizes the high demand for top jumpers.

“There are only so many top show jumpers on the market, and skyrocketing demand makes prices of 6 & 7-year-olds explode. By offering for sale the most exquisite selection of foals expected to be born within weeks, every American horse enthusiast gets the chance to buy a future top star in an early stage. Our all-in-one offer of attractive prices for exclusive pedigrees, services available to raise the foals in optimal circumstances & training them to full grown athletes, is our unique selling proposition,” Axel explains.

The auction will take place in the Player’s Club aka Suri West, located at the gates of the Winter Equestrian Festival on Saturday, March 3rd. The event will start with a lunch at 1pm, while the 21 embryos will be auctioned off by Dirk Zagers, as of 2pm.

Those unable to attend the live event, can join & bid online as well. The online bids are already open!

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